Doc Martin Locations Tour of Port Isaac

Re-create some of television’s best (mis)adventures in medicine on the Doc Martin Locations Tour of Port Isaac. Explore the village that is the stomping ground of your favourite blood phobic doctor.

Since it first aired in 2004, Doc Martin has enticed viewers from all over the world. The grouchy physician’s encounters with his usually bumbling patients have entertained audiences through eight seasons. Its success on the small screen has helped to turn the production’s Cornish base into a popular destination for diehard fans.

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  • Learn lots of historical facts and off-the-beaten-track info from your local guide
  • Enjoy plenty of photo opportunities including the Doc's house/surgery and Bert and Al Large's restaurant
  • Pick up some Doc Martin souvenirs

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Doc Martin Locations Tour / Portwenn
Doc Martin Locations Tour / Portwenn

Delve into the streets and sites of the real-life Portwenn!

For over a decade, the Doctor’s base has been in the picturesque fishing village of Port Isaac, on the Atlantic coast of north Cornwall. While many travel here to re-live their favourite Doc Martin scenes, they can’t help but be overcome by the beauty and history of the area.

On your tour, you will be led through the village by a local guide who has also worked on the TV series. Not only will they be able to show you the main sites from the show, but they’ll also give you some insider knowledge from filming.

One of the most prominent locations that you’ll visit will be Fern Cottage, instantly recognisable as Doc Martin’s home and surgery. Perched atop a hill, it overlooks the whole village. While you’re getting a few pictures of this iconic house, make sure to take in the spectacular views of the verdant surrounds. Fun Fact: In between periods of filming, Fern Cottage is rented out as a holiday home! Many fans have stayed here over the years, living out their Doc Martin fantasies!

Doc Martin Locations Tour / Portwenn
Doc Martin Locations Tour / Portwenn

There are plenty of memorable locations throughout the centre of the village too.

Strolling through the streets you’ll see Little Dolphins house, which features as Mrs Tishell’s Pharmacy. There’s also the house on Fore Street that doubles as Louisa’s home, and the setting for Bert’s Restaurant. On top of that, you’ll get to see the Golden Lion Pub. The Golden Lion’s interior has featured more than once on the TV show, but it’s also a favoured spot for the cast and crew to grab a drink after work.

During the Doc Martin Locations Tour, your guide will be sure to entertain you with some local history too. Since as far back as the Middle Ages, Port Isaac has lived many lives. Learn about its days as a busy harbour, importing and exporting coal, timber, and more. Long before Doc Martin came to town!

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